Fastwhere - Find my friends and family
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The concept

FastWhere is an iPhone and Android App. FastWhere makes it easier to share your location with friends. Try it now !
Fast is useful everyday to know the geolocation of a friend, inform that you're on the road or ask a friend to join you for a coffee.

FastWhere sends a web link to your friend via SMS.
Thus, no need to have the application to answer you, to know a friend position or tell him your.
Just click on the link and the information displays on a mobile web page.


Where r' you ?

The Where R' You ? feature allows you to send an SMS to a friend and know its location in return. You can choose to share your location or not with him. He will then also see you on his mobile, at

I arrive

With I COME feature, chronic latecomers finally have a perfect tool to tell a person that they are on the road. You're friend will see where you start from and you can customize your message.

Join me

Want to have a coffee with a friend? Send a message to a friend offering to join you at a specific location. Select your current location or one of the suggested location around like a restaurant or bar.

Custom messages

For JOIN ME and I COME features, you can either choose from suggested messages or write your own text..


All responses are received immediately push and displayed in the map application FastWhere.


The application saves a history during 1 hour. You can find the latest locationss requests in your app.


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Android - Version 1.1

Released on Juen 2nd, 2014
  • New Global iOS and Android updates on UI and stability.

Android - Version 1.0.1

Released on May 16st, 2012
  • New Initial release for Android

iOS - Version 1.0.2

Released on February 28th, 2012
  • New Full iOS 5.1 compatibility
  • Fix Push notifications update & fixes
  • fix Various UI enhancements

iOS - Version 1.0.1

Released on January 17th, 2012
  • fix Various UI enhancements

iOS - Version 1.0

Released on December 1st, 2011
  • New Initial release for iOS


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